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Wednesday November 17, 2021 – Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho’s brother, Mohammed Amir, has hit out at the Governor, faulting him for what he termed as a failed administration within the County.

Speaking to the media, Amir claimed that Joho received funds from the national Government but failed to deliver on his mandate in changing the lives of Mombasa residents.

“He (Joho) received funds from the national government, but there is nothing to show for it. As a leader, you must find a mechanism to help your people. Give us a solution, you have the resources,” Amir stated.

Amir also revealed the reasons why he dumped Raila Odinga’s ODM to join Ruto’s UDA.

According to him, Ruto carries the hope and aspirations of the people of Mombasa and his Government will be able to solve many challenges the residents face.

Among the challenges he listed include lack of water as well as solving the issue of dwellers in low income areas who mainly depend on donations.

“We now have Ruto who is going to deliver that vision for the people of Mombasa.”

“Joho had the opportunities to help the people but he failed.”

“Look at Bangladesh, people are struggling due to lack of water yet we have leaders who have been in power for so many years.”

“I hope voters will heed my call and give me a chance.”

“If we want to change Mombasa, we need to support the DP, we have suffered enough,” he acknowledged.

Amir, who plans to vie for the Mombasa Senatorial seat on a UDA ticket, joined the party on Monday and was received by former Mombasa Senator, Hassan Omar.

Amir affirmed that his vision for the people was in line with the bottom-up economic model, pointing out that Ruto is the only candidate who had the people’s interests at heart.


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  1. NONSENSE. You are pretending in public to create another dynasty.Positioning yourself to protect what your brother acquired as a family. One day you’ll account.

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