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Sunday, 7 November 2021 – Former Machakos County First Lady, Lillian Nganga, has once again raised concerns over her safety.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Lillian said that her ex-husband, Governor Alfred Mutua, should be questioned if anything happens to her and Juliani.

She claims that Mutua has hired hitmen to eliminate her and her boyfriend.

She advised those hired by Mutua to do the dirty work to be wise and stop being used to settle scores they know nothing about.

“ If anything happens to Juliani and I, Alfred Mutua is solely responsible. Those hired to kill us should be wise and ask themselves if Alfred would do their dirty work if roles were reversed. No one should be used to settle scores they know nothing about- through a few hundred shillings,” she wrote.

She also called out Governor Mutua’s social media team for being misused to fight personal wars.

She alleged that they have been instructed by the Governor to taint her image.

“Alfred Mutua’s social media team. You seem to forget that I know all of you and how you guys work. I saw you guys as you were being hired. You continue to be used and misused to fight personal wars that have nothing to do with you. Shame on all of you,” she added.

According to Lillian, she was forced to go public after Governor Mutua took advantage of her silence.

She claims that Mutua has been harassing her in private and pretending that they are still friends during media interviews.

She wanted a peaceful separation but Mutua chose violence.

 “In 10 years, this is my 2nd interview ever. I’ve always and still prefter a quiet life and because Alfred knows I do not like the media, he chose to fight and distress me in private, knowing I will not speak up, as he went to media houses claiming we are still friends shamelessly. All things I’ve now shared have been happening since August. I’ve been quiet, constantly asking him for a peaceful separation,” she wrote.

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