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Tuesday, November 30, 2021 – One of the three terrorism convicts who escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prison before they were recaptured has vowed to escape again if a chance arises.

Musharafa Abdalla, also known as Alex Shikanda, made the shocking remarks while speaking to civilians on Monday at the Anti-Terror Police Unit headquarters in Kahawa Law Courts.

Abdalla stated that he could not imagine spending another term in jail, and vehemently stated that if an opportunity to escape presented itself to him again, he would go for it.

“I wanted a shot at freedom in my first attempt because I have already served ten years in jail,” he stated.

He noted that he would try to escape again because his jail term would be added after they are sentenced afresh for their escape.

“I have to escape because I know I am going back to serve additional time to what I am already in jail for,” he lamented.

The convicts, who are now known by the moniker Kamiti Three, escaped the Kamiti Maximum Prison on the night of November 15 by dislodging a brick on their cell wall and using ropes made of blankets to scale two high walls.

Sources familiar with the case reveal that they used a private car that was waiting to ferry them from Kamiti to Machakos, where their plan was foiled after another car set to ferry them from Machakos to Somalia failed to show up.

This forced them to use a public service vehicle, which blew their cover as they were recognized in Kitui where they were nabbed by the police.


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