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How To Pay Online – What Are The Most Popular Payment Methods in Kenya

Kenya is among the many countries in the world that have numerous ways of doing online transactions. A recent study in 2021, however, indicated that many Kenyans mainly prefer cash payments. The study noted that over forty percent of Kenyans preferred cash for their day-to-day transactions. Further, twenty-five percent of Kenyans are more inclined to use cards when making online payments.

The majority of Kenyans also prefer using mobile money when making online payments. The method accounts for above seventy percent of total online transactions. It is interesting to note that most businesses in Kenya accept online payments. Here are some of the most popular payment methods in Kenya.


If you are looking for the simplest modes of payment from anywhere globally, then PayPal is your best method. The method is the most accessible worldwide thanks to its availability in more than 230 countries. PayPal also allows over 25 currencies making it even more convenient. One of the main reasons why the platform is gaining popularity in Kenya is the simple fact that you can now transfer your funds to PayPal from Mpesa and vice versa.

It is also a popular online payment method thanks to its continued use by freelancers. Most clients require you to have a PayPal account that facilitates easy transfer of funds from anywhere in the world.

The beauty of PayPal is that you can register as a business, partnership, or individually. The registration process is straightforward, with the only requirement being an active debit card and a working email address.


PesaPal is among the growing online payment methods in Kenya. The brand has gained a significant following thanks to its availability in eight African countries, including Zambia, Zimbabwe, and East African countries. The online payment method has put measures to ensure that all transactions between its clients are safe and secure.

Interestingly, the online payment platform has partnered with some of the big names in banking in Kenya, including The Cooperative Bank of Kenya and the Equity Bank. The payments processing platform has also partnered with the leading mobile money platforms like Airtel Money and Mpesa, which improves convenience.

The registration procedure is somehow similar to that of PayPal.You only need a working email and a debit card linked to your account for easy transfer of funds from one medium to the other.

Direct Pay Online (DPO)

Direct Pay Online is a payment platform that has its roots in Africa. It has become so popular in the region thanks to the growing acceptance from African online businesses. Unlike other payment platforms that accept limited currencies, Direct Pay Online accepts all African currencies making it a viable online payment option in Kenya. For this reason, the Direct Pay Online platform has empowered numerous businesses as clients can transfer funds easily using their most preferred currency.

The platform has also partnered with many mobile money transfer platforms making it more convenient and accessible. You can also add credit and debit cards to the platform, facilitating the easy transfer of funds.


The Skrill online payment platform is ranked among the top ten best modes to use in the e-commerce sector. It allows for the transfer of funds to Mpesa and Airtel money. What’s more fascinating about the platform is that all bank transfers are free. Creating an account with skrill is also free; hence, it is convenient to make online payments in Kenya.

Online gambling is one of the areas that fully embraced this payment processor. Internet users do not have to wait for days for the money to reflect on their accounts. A close look at the list of fastest withdrawal casinos online will show Skrill as one of the payment processors. Payout speed is a vital feature, especially in online gaming, that is frequently overlooked. That is why sites like provides expert reviews and guides of the best instant withdrawal casinos available, as well as their rules and restrictions.


The online payment platform is currently experiencing massive growth here in Kenya. Among the most significant attributes of iPay is its ability to be used alongside other platforms, including Mpesa, Airtel Money, Mastercard, Kenswitch, Equitel, and Equity. This makes it among the most convenient online payment methods to use in Kenya.

Unlike other platforms that charge a fee for registration, opening an account with iPay is free. The online payment method also features an e-lipa wallet. The wallet facilitates receiving and sending of bulk amounts both locally and internationally.

iPay is also among the few online payment platforms that have a standby customer support center where you can pose queries at any time.

The growth of e-commerce in Kenya has led to the development of these online payment methods.

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