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Tuesday, 02 November 2021 – Former Citizen TV journalist, Jacque Maribe, went on a ranting spree on Monday evening and blasted Eric Omondi for being a deadbeat dad.

Omondi, who was being interviewed by Mungai Eve, called Jacque in the full glare of the cameras and recorded the phone conversation.

He wanted her to clarify whether he is a deadbeat dad as alleged on social media and things turned south after she washed his dirty linen in public and confirmed that he is not in touch with their child.

She revealed that she has been taking care of their son singlehandedly for the last 7 years and Eric doesn’t even know where they currently live.

He doesn’t even attend their son’s birthdays or cares to know what he eats.

Since he started schooling, Eric has never contributed even a single penny to cater for their son’s education.

“When is the last time you paid school fees?” she blasted the witty comedian who appeared cornered.

Maribe said that she has been trying to protect Eric’s image, hoping that he will man up and take responsibility.

“I have been trying to protect your image for long and now I am fed up,” she ranted.

She further threatened to drag him to court and sue him for child upkeep.

Here’s a video of the explosive interview.

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