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Thursday, November 11, 2021 – Former Majority Leader in the National Assembly, Aden Duale, has revealed the source of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) money, which is being dished out to the public by Deputy President William Ruto.

Speaking during an interview, Duale clarified that the source of the funds is legitimate, debunking claims that they are collected from proceeds of graft.

“The Deputy President has not once revealed the kind of business he runs, he gives part of his profits, and we also contribute to the funds,” Duale clarified.

He further noted that UDA also conducts corporate collection, with the money coming from top business people in the country in fundraising as a contribution towards the campaign.

The Garissa Township MP maintained that based on the UDA’s Bottom-Up economic model, they do not issue handouts to the public but instead empower them to grow their businesses.

He defended the move by Ruto, claiming that the reason why he pulls huge crowds in his campaigns is that the message and the agenda that he sells resonates well with the public.

“The DP does not throw away empowerment cash into a crowd of people, everywhere we go we have Boda Boda that have structured SACCOs in place with leadership.”

“If you leave the empowerment funds with the leadership, they or the CDF chairman will make sure that money is used well,” he further remarked.

“A handout is when I give you money for free, empowerment is a totally different thing,” he added.

According to him, empowerment allows people to have more control over their future, while handouts only offer a temporary solution to them.

This comes after two rival groups of youth in Kondele, Kisumu County clashed over reasons cited by the National Police Service (NPS) as cash handouts, during DP Ruto’s campaign in the Nyanza Region.


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