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Friday, November 12, 2021 – Fresh details have emerged over how President Uhuru Kenyatta and Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) party leader, Raila Odinga, are burning the midnight oil trying to come up with a plan of countering Deputy President William Ruto’s popularity across the country.

Political pundits and analysts have been predicting that Ruto, who is using hustler narrative to endear himself to the masses, is the man to beat during the 2022 presidential duel.

Faced by the fact that Ruto may become the fifth President of Kenya, Uhuru and Raila are teaming up with other like-minded Kenyans to form a gigantic alliance that will vanquish the second in command in 2022.

This was confirmed by Jubilee joint parliamentary group secretary, Adan Keynan, who said that the plan is to form the biggest alliance possible.

“They (doors) are also open to the Oka team and all other like-minded political players with a genuine commitment to the realisation of a more united and more prosperous country after the 2022 polls,” Keynan said.

Ruto has admitted knowing what is being planned by Uhuru, branding him a traitor whom he helped secure the presidency but has turned against him.

He has been saying the same about Raila, whom he claims helped secure the Prime Minister seat, wondering why he is now scheming against him.

He has also been mocking Raila for allegedly being a state project, because of his closeness to Uhuru and state arms, claims Raila has denied.


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  1. Public number one enemy for Kenyans are the dynasties,A dynasty is nothing but the successful orchestras who plans evil and corrupt conmen plus women leaders who think all Kenyans love them only to realize a few blind groups blinded like bats that can worship them like gods and be bought with cheap banking checks as they smile on there way to the banks without realizing the nation is bigger and much important than two or three corrupt conmen and women who so call them selves leaders and it’s time for Kenyans to weak-up and change,There minds with one voice and one nation not through violence through revolution nothing should stop,those old days are long gone hawa wajinga wametuzoea na waendelee kupanga Kenyans with God tutapanguwa.

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