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Monday November 15, 2021 – Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party Leader, Raila Odinga, has moved to defend his social protection program from his critics who have termed it as a big fallacy that cannot work in Kenya, especially with the dwindling economy coupled with huge debts.

Addressing a political rally in Lamu, Raila called out his critics, led by Deputy President William Ruto and ANC Leader Musalia Mudavadi, terming them as fools for imagining that his promise to give poor households a monthly stipend of Ksh 6,000 if elected president next year will not work.

He expressed confidence that the social welfare program promise was implementable saying he knew where to get the money to fund the Ksh 6,000 monthly to poor families.

“Those who think I can’t implement KSh 6,000 monthly stipend if elected president are fools,” the ODM party leader said.

Raila promised to seal corruption loopholes and divert the money to the Ksh 150 billion yearly social welfare program that he has promised Kenyans should he assume power next year.

“I’ve been a Prime Minister and I know where money is,” he said.

On Sunday while attending a church service on Ngong Road, Mudavadi criticized Raila’s Ksh 6,000 promise saying it was unachievable.

“Where will you get the money to fund the program? Let us not lie to Kenyans with unachievable promises meant to hoodwink voters,” Musalia said during the church service.

Similar sentiments were shared by Ruto who has maintained that the Sh 6,000 promise was a bald-faced lie meant to hoodwink the poor.


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  1. Dear Mr.raila where were you when youths needed your support,your friend joho has destroyed lives of youths in Mombasa and you still kept silent eating with big spoon,health sector have looted enough they are your friends and you know them,sports is dead no one arrested yet youths in the ghettos are suffering with luck of water and food yet you pass by every day,show us what you have truly done when you were in the government and opposition you told youths your taking them to canan the promised land was it a dream or laughing how youths are suffering you have trails of youth deaths behind you will 6000 every month save the youths of generations to come?yet you dance reggae music, Luck you have enough cash in the bank to support your next generations to come but ask your self what about them? Too little too late, build one stadium in your on land instead of youths throwing stones then we can choose you as a leader pass the message to your friends uhuru,mudavadi, kalonzo,ruto and wetangula plus many more what if we all die today what will you tell God with all wealth you have in bank accounts truely it has been prophesied its real hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God,Kenyans when voting think twice I better be having a good sleep during elections than to lineup and vote for leaders who only think about there stomachs and families than to build the future for all Kenyans we are not second class.

  2. If leaders are calling others fools now, what will happen if they weld and carry weapons of violence in case they are elected as command-in-chief of the armed forces in 2022?

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