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Tuesday, November 23, 2021 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has changed his plans to drop Deputy President William Ruto as his number 2 in the Jubilee ranks.

This is even as he had earlier directed the Jubilee Party to sack Ruto as Deputy Party Leader during the National Delegates Convention that was set for the end of this month.

According to well-placed sources, Uhuru is terrified of what Ruto and his supporters would do to him if he dropped the DP just like that.

The source intimated that Uhuru made the last-minute decision to save his State of Nation Address which is set to be delivered about the same time as Ruto’s ouster.

The president was said to be aggrieved by thoughts of how Ruto’s ouster would jeopardise his speech. 

Ruto is believed to have a following both in Jubilee and the country and Uhuru was set to address a divided nation if the plan succeeded.

It was feared that Uhuru would have been booed and jeered by Ruto’s allies in Parliament. 

The president also feared antagonizing delegates aligned with Ruto at the NDC. 

His handlers alleged that ejecting Ruto before thousands of delegates would have backfired in the president’s face. 


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    They have moneys all proceeds of loots of our taxes and debts and all the missing in action of the Euro-bonds. Always travelling to stash the loots abroad.

    It’s so useless to blame the dp on all it’s crimes against the republic of Kenya.

    It borrows debts to loot at the same time in white elephant project that wouldn’t be of any use to the republic of Kenya, cos it surrounded by zombies advisers and bunch of classmate robbers and mungikis in it’s abyss regime.

    The dp did all his best for him to be the fraudster head of state but today, it hide behind the ngamia kitendawili and some arrogant CSs: whom have made his regime an abyss regime.

    Mr vampire mungiki fraudster, leave the dp alone and if you have balls, soil yourself than blaming the dp on your crimes.

    You will be remembered as the most useless president of white elephant project and one who never learned anything from his fossil guru thief father.

    As you hatch evil plans for the dp, also plan to resign with you ngamia-abyss regime with your zombies. Kenya is better without you and all your clowns.

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