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Monday, 15 November 2021 – Diani OCPD, Fanuel Nasio, is investigating an incident where a teacher based at Buru Buru Girls High School died mysteriously while on a weekend getaway with friends.

The teacher, who has been identified as Nelson Otsianda, was reportedly killed by his friends after a confrontation.

It was earlier reported that Nelson had drowned but after investigations, police obtained CCTV footage that captured some unidentified people, believed to be his friends, beating him up before throwing him into the swimming pool.

“When we looked at the CCTV footage, it appeared like those he was with, attacked him, beat him and threw him into the pool,” Nelson’s father, Cloud Otsianda, said.

Nelson and his friends arrived in Mombasa on Saturday morning and were expected to check out on Monday.

However, they checked out on Sunday, a day earlier.

 “They were a group of young men who arrived on Saturday and checked out yesterday (Sunday) which was earlier than expected, but as hotel we can’t stop anyone from leaving,” the hotel’s manager said.

Diani OCPD said detectives are following all the leads and reviewing the CCTV footage to establish what led to the death of the Chemistry and Mathematics teacher.

 “I have talked to the investigators and they are following all the leads. It is being alleged that he was beaten and then thrown to the swimming pool. So they are going to review that CCTV footage,” he said.

Nelson joined Buruburu Girls in 2018 and he was described as jovial and friendly.


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