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Monday, November 29, 2021 – Residents of Nandi Hills Constituency have joined hands to raise Ksh1.6 million for campaigns for one of the hustlers in a bid to unseat incumbent MP Alfred Keter.

Residents have settled on Wesley Kogo to represent them in the National Assembly, a seat that is currently held by Keter who was elected on a Jubilee Party ticket.

This comes after some of the elders felt that the 30-year-old would make an ideal candidate for the seat.

However, when they approached him, he was skeptical about going for the parliamentary seat, stating that he lacked what it takes to make an MP.

At the same time, Kogo stated that he lacked the financial capacity to fund campaigns, adding that he was unable to move from one place to another campaigning, following his poverty-stricken situation.

After persuasion from the village elders and his parents, he finally bowed to pressure and accepted to vie for the parliamentary seat.

In a statement, he said he had foreseen himself being a leader but not too soon.

“I knew I would be a leader but not this soon. I just graduated from the university and wanted to focus on my career. 

“The idea of politics was not in my mind. 

“However, the elders and residents have promised to support me and have already raised some money to jumpstart my campaigns,” 

“To my surprise, hundreds of residents turned up and generously contributed towards my campaigns. 

“They promised to continue supporting me. Those who did not have money brought agricultural produce which was very refreshing for me because it demonstrated their commitment to this course,” Kogo stated.

In his acceptance speech, he acknowledged that he was looking forward to helping solve the issues facing Nandi Hills and the county as a whole, adding that he will not let down the community.

According to Isaiah Mengich, who is a political commentator, the residents are very confident that Wesley Kogo will bring so much change during his tenure.


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