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You Can Use Your Bitcoin to Improve the Health of Everyone on The Planet

Ideas such as soil protector bitcoin faucets enable Bitcoiners to use their earned riches to impact the world positively. The fact that individuals handed away this magical internet money in the initial periods of bitcoin and even built-up bitcoin pumps, for this reason, struck me as very intriguing. Roger Ver was one of the first to do just that, and from what I’ve been gathering, he was very liberal in his distribution of bitcoin. Gavin Andresen was in the same boat. Regardless of how the Investment community feels about these two individuals right now, their willingness to give away bitcoin is critical to the cable network growth in its early years, and we are grateful to them for their efforts.

I believe that bitcoin faucets areas, if not more, are essential now than they were in the past, regardless of the price! Why? It does this because it gets people off the starting line. If you think, as I do, that bitcoin is a lifeboat, we want to encourage as many individuals as possible who can trade in Satoshi’s to do so. Even though faucets may be discovered in online games and other illogical places, I could not locate any suitable for the reason I suggest.

To that end, I’d like to pose the following question to the Bitcoin community: Why aren’t more bitcoiners setting up bitcoin faucets to support causes and individuals they care about? Problems in our world don’t just go away on their own. Consider the fact that I was a social impact investor who supported local farmers for many years before I ever made a bitcoin investment. My family made a significant contribution to Slow Money, a Colorado-based organization that helps small farmers. This was around five years ago. Unfortunately, we were unable to give the melting ice cube of United States dollars.

We have information gaps about money that are as terrible as they are, but our society’s knowledge gaps about soil health are much worse. Furthermore, soil health will have a direct effect on community health. We’ve all heard the expression “food is medicine,” but what if we took it a step further and said, “dirt is medicine?” Healthy soil produces a healthy food supply, which in turn produces a healthy immune system.

“How difficult would it be to put up a soil guardian bitcoin faucet, given all of this background information?” you may ask. I’m not sure, but I’m not going to sit around and wait for someone to start one. He accepted my offer instantly, even though he had no prior knowledge of bitcoin at the time of my offer. After doing his research, he became very enthusiastic about the opportunity.

In addition, I’ve encouraged him to consider who of his classmates we could approach about doing this in the future. He’s going to think about it, and then we’ll get together and do the next one. To restore soil in our community, we will go through the same procedure with the next little farmer that comes along. We will pick the fourth person after that until we have chosen all of the recipients. That’s something I’d really want to see become viral at some point.

As a result of my participation with Slow Money, I have developed a strong desire to assist small farmers. If you don’t want to adopt a highway, how about adopting a small farmer in your community? Include bitcoin in their financial statements. I’m not sure whether we’ll be able to accomplish this for every little farmer in my lifetime, but the path is clearly marked out.


Anyone interested in establishing a soil guardian faucet in their town can contact me, and I’ll share all I know and how I went about doing it with you. However, I am willing to become one of the peer-to-peer soil guardian faucets required to assist the small farms in Colorado. It is impossible to exaggerate the positive effect supporting thousands of small farmers has had on our health and before we end, register yourself on the bitcoin auto trading system and learn all the new ways to earn in cryptocurrency.

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