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Wednesday, October 27, 2021 – Kirinyaga Governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru finally switched camps from Jubilee to Deputy President William Ruto’s UDA Party.

However, she claimed that it was President Uhuru Kenyatta’s allies who convinced her to dump Jubilee for UDA.

Speaking during a meeting in Karen, Waiguru revealed that she consulted with her Kieleweke partners, who advised her it was time to jump ship since her county residents had shown immense support for Ruto.

Waiguru stated that she was advised to listen to the people of Kirinyaga and understand how crucial it is to stay relevant and in touch with the needs of the electorate.

She pointed out that the move to join Ruto’s UDA was not easy for her because she thought she was betraying Kieleweke.

“I asked for wisdom and I think I have listened.”

“I have checked with members who are sitting here and I have even checked with people who are still on the other side.”

“I have asked if it would amount to betrayal if I moved but the message I have been given is that in politics, you must be very careful to stay relevant,” Waiguru stated.

Waiguru added that she feared that the people would not elect her on a Jubilee Party ticket, adding that she had done her research on the ground and she listened to her voters.

“You must be very careful to listen to the people. Never imagine as a leader you are the one who tells the people what to do. 

“The people tell you what to do. They decide who they will elect very early,” she added.

The Governor explained that during the just concluded Mashujaa Day celebrations, it became obvious who the people of Kirinyaga would elect in 2022, referencing the cheers DP Ruto received from the crowd when he addressed them.

She praised the DP for how he handled the situation.



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