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Tuesday, 12 October 2021 – Socialite Vera Sidika has hit back at critics after word got out that she did not provide food to guests who graced her baby shower over the weekend.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Vera said that idle people who are wallowing in poverty are busy hating on a party that they didn’t attend and gossiping from their single rooms.

“Haters will be at their single rooms hating on a party they did not attend. 

“How are you not at a party and claim there was no food and drinks. And how is that your business anyway. You are in single room… claiming there is no food or drinks at a party you never attended and can never even be considered on the guest list. 

“Unaonea tu Instagram” she wrote.

If someone’s has lost their food and drinks, I’m here. 

“Come and demand it. These dirty mosquitos always taking Panadol for my headache. 

“They have never seen a baby shower like this is their life. 

“They now look for fake stories to tell coz nobody cares when u not winning. 

“They are always bothered when they see you do better than they expected. You will rot in Jealousy.” She added.

According to Vera, rich people don’t go to parties to eat.

“An important one; Rich people aren’t hungry humans like you all haters who go to parties on empty stomach since 6 am so you can eat 5 plates of pilau and feed yourself to last you a whole week”. She added.

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