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Tuesday, October 19, 2021 – President Uhuru Kenyatta took a swipe at his Deputy, William Ruto, during a rally in Sagana, Kirinyaga County, yesterday.

Speaking in his native Kikuyu language, Uhuru warned Mt. Kenya residents to make a wise decision come 2022 and be wary of leaders who were misleading them

In an apparent attack on his DP, the president told the residents to focus on improving their lives and stop listening to lies that their lives will improve through the bottom-up approach, which is being peddled by Ruto.

“When the person wakes up in the morning, all they do is tell stories, go to another place the next day and tell stories as well. 

“At what time will that person work, the person seems to be inciting people as well.”

“Young people especially are being lied to, why can’t you tell them to empower you so that you can help yourself instead of relying on handouts?” the President posed.

He advised the residents to listen to both parties but be wise while choosing the next leader.


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    Respect you other colleagues that is what you are lucking.

    For your information, you sidelined you colleague and have made sure he doesn’t do anything for the government that was formed after 2017 election. The a ngamia from ODM move in with it’s head then it’s body and pushed out the DP – cos the house was for two only and not a three house capacity. You can’t blame the dp in your tribal mother tongue – when talking to your mungiki fellows.

    Only an imbecile president address people in it’s mother tongue. With all the loots you and your family have looted since 1963 to date, with the clown in mt kenya – should build their capital city at the tip of mt kenya then you can address you born thieves in your mother tongue.

    You should show respect to the dp and stop ujinga na matharau. If you have balls address you mungikis in English or kiswahili – if not shut up and go for a fuck with the odm vampire ngamia fraudster as you.

    To the ngania fellow, don’t ever make a mistake of having your deputy from mt kenya, cos they will do to you what they did to Tom mboya and the late Saitoti. That’s all they do and their operating system.

    Respect, ukufundishwa vampire: just go and indulge in alcoholism, msoking weed and rat fucking and eat and be pig fatten as all the staffs at statehouse and you abyss office – mume ndona kama matako you ngugu!

    Tomorroe at the public rally, make you address in kikuyu, you zombies need it. The rest of the 41 kenya native tribe will not be lessening to a fool mr vampire mungiki fraudster.

    Kumbafu and shenzi sana!

  2. does the president want us to follow our tribal leaders because they speak the same language as the one of the DP. However, the DP’s language has some hope compared to others and that’s why the narrative in Kenya has changed from BBI to empowering Kenyans. Kenyans are cleverer than they were yester years when Uhuru became the president

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