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Friday, October 1, 2021 – Fresh details have emerged over why murder suspect, Sarah Wairimu, killed her husband, Tob Cohen, in 2018.

Cohen, a Dutch national, was the owner of a tour company called Tob Limited.

Tob Limited was incorporated in 1991 and its directors were Tob Cohen and Silas Ita. 

Cohen owned 999 shares and Sila owned 1 share.

However, in 1999, Silas died and Court of Appeal Judge Sankale Ole Kantai, who was having an erotic relationship with Sarah Wairimu, transferred the one share that belonged to late Sila to himself and later to Sarah.

The annual returns of Tob Limited for 1999 indicated that the directors were Tob Cohen and Sankale Ole Kantai. This was done without the knowledge of Tob Cohen

In July 2019, Tob Cohen without knowing what Justice Sankale and Sarah Wairimu had done, wrote to the Registrar of Companies with the intention of adding Peter Kariuki as the new director.

On 17th July 2019, the Registrar of Companies sent a notification to Tob Cohen asking him to furnish them with documents relating to the new director to effect the changes.

According to court papers, this communication by the registrar was intercepted by Sarah Wairimu and it never got to Tob Cohen. 

Cohen was murdered 2 days later.

Forensic analysis of their phones and communication logs presented before court indicate that Sankale heightened his communication with Sarah on July 19th the day Cohen was murdered.

Sleuths from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) believe that Sarah Wairimu and Justice Sankale Ole Kantai didn’t want Tob Cohen to know that the share was already transferred to Wairimu and that is why they killed him and dumped his body in a septic tank.

Sarah and Justice Sankale reportedly hired Peter Karanja – ex-husband to Gilgil MP, Martha Wangari, to execute the murder.


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