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The Kenyan Gambling Market

Kenya has a population of around 47 million people using two official languages which are Swahili and English. It is known as one of the largest economies in Africa where gambling is popular and legal, with an estimate worth of around $40 million and the highest number of young players within the region.

The gambling market is mainly dominated by sports betting with the most popular sport being football, especially the European leagues. The next popular market is online casino games and online poker, however, this market have not reached the popularity of sports betting. With more than 30 licensed sportsbooks, the revenue reaches $2 billion. The first evert sportsbook to enter Kenya is known to be SportPesa which was licensed in 2013. SportPesa is still known as the most popular betting platform in Kenya, having 82% of the Kenyan players having an account. Other popular operators are Elitebet, Mcheza and Betpawa.

Apart from online gambling, land-based casinos are also very active. In Kenya, you can find 30 licensed casinos which are located in the major cities. Some of the most popular casinos include the Mayfair Casino and the Golden Key Casino. The most played casino table games in Kenya are blackjack, roulette and poker. Slot machines are also very popular. Around the country, you can find more than 200 gaming tables and 1,400 slot machines. At first, the gambling industry was highly dependent of land-based casinos, however, this shifted during the last few years. Numerous opportunities came from online gambling.

Kenya has a high internet penetration rate of around 43%, especially from mobile devices. This digitalization exploded the growth of gambling online. This was of great convenience especially for people who reside in the rural areas of Kenya. More than 90% of bettors used their smartphones to place their bets, and this number is more likely to increase in the coming years. Most Kenyan gamblers are between 18 to 25 years of age. They are either students or have a low income. They see gambling as a relaxing activity as well as an opportunity to earn some income, when lucky. Therefore, gambling operators mainly rely on large volumes that contain very low-value bets.

Online casinos found on MrCasinova that wish to enter the Kenyan market must have a well thought out business plan to be successful. Apart from betting options, one should also offer online casino games to target all the market. When it comes to the legal framework, taxes and regulations are very low for the operators. Therefore, if you wish to expand to target Kenya as well, the opportunity cost is low. Another huge factor is choosing a payment system that will work well within the region and that is convenient for the customers to deposit and withdraw their winnings. Nonetheless, the market is steadily growing with many operators taking advantage of it!

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