Friday, 08 October 2021 – Beautiful chips vendor, Bevalyne Kwamboka, who has been trending on Twitter, has been warned by the Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) for setting up her business in an area designated for pedestrian passage.

KURA, through a tweet, labelled Bevalyne’s business as illegal and an infringement of pedestrian rights.

A concerned Kenyan tagged KURA photos of Bevalyne preparing chips on a pedestrian path and inquired whether her activities are legal.

“KURA are these activities legal?” he asked on Twitter. To which KURA responded: “This is illegal and an infringement to pedestrian rights…The footbridges and walkways are meant for Pedestrian passage and not any form of business.”

KURA’s response sparked reactions on social media with a section of Kenyans asking the authority to focus on more pressing issues and stop harassing a hardworking Kenyan who is trying to put food on the table.

Here are some of the reactions.

Raju Davil: Before you visit her, please restore Muthurwa footbridge and many others which are a haven to criminals and chokoras, stop being cheaply influenced by ill-minded people.

Jacob Abere: Whichever Answers Thy Give on @bevalynekwambo3 and business location, let KURA @KURAroads clear those underpasses of Muthurwa, Outer-Allsops and along Pangani, before you pick this.

Muli: Maybe illegal but very legitimate. We can always coexist with Kenyans who are trying to eke a living even if they have to set up shop by the roadside.

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