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Wednesday, October 6, 2021 – Tongaren Member of Parliament, Dr. Eseli Simiyu, has defended President Uhuru Kenyatta over a recent report that revealed the Kenyatta family has over Ksh3 billion in offshore accounts.

Speaking during an interview earlier today, Simiyu argued that Uhuru is not at liberty to disclose the wealth since it is not entirely his.

The Ford Kenya MP further noted that persons whose names featured on the report including former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta are not State Officers, therefore, they are not bound by law to declare property or money they have abroad.

“How would Uhuru declare the wealth yet that wealth belongs to his mother who is not a state officer?” Simiyu posed.

Over the weekend, leaked financial documents identified as Pandora Papers emerged online showing financial transactions of several world leaders.

According to reports by Pandora Papers, Uhuru and six members of his family secretly own a network of offshore companies.

The Kenyatta family has been linked to 11 firms; one of which has assets valued at over $30m which translates to Kshs3.3 billion.

The reports that a foundation named Varies was set up by the Kenyatta family in 2003. 

Mama Ngina Kenyatta is reportedly the first benefactor while President Kenyatta is the second beneficiary.

In response, Uhuru owned up to the expose, promising to give detailed information once he lands in Kenya from Barbados.

The Pandora papers elicited massive debate in the country with a section of leaders calling on the president to invest the money locally.


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  1. Thanks to pandora papers leaking billions of money from off shore accounts Some of backward minded Kenyan politicians who defend the president and his family, it’s a weak-up call to all the Kenyans, showing how corrupt leaders and politicians plus there families are,this stupidity of adding leaders money it’s evil and must stop while innocent hard working Kenyans pay taxes fat bellies thieves are planning to lot,think twice before you vote because they don’t care about us don’t be forced to vote for corrupt politicians and leaders we must say a big “NO” Kenyans must weak up, they have killed dreams of youths paying doctors and teachers is a problem,wild animals are being porched day and night, they lot even the covid 19 funds plus Health money and no one is prosecuted and taken to prison they only walk out of law courts like city council toilets they forget a true leader with great nation must:-
    1.Protect the citizens
    2.provide for the citizens
    3.Invest in talent
    It’s sickening to see how Kenyan leaders and politicians drive big cars and use tax payers money in horrible ways and behave in parliament like high school students yet they have nothing to provide for there people yet they call themselves Billionaires it’s a shame many of this leaders will go to Hell plus there families and generations to come,it’s true what Russian president said Africa leaders don’t think that’s why African continent is a land of coffins plus the dead.

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