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Friday, October 15, 2021 – As detectives continue to pursue new leads in the case of self-confessed serial killer Masten Wanjala, who was lynched by a mob in his rural home of Bungoma yesterday, details have emerged indicating that the serial killer had a mobile phone while in custody.

Wanjala, who was reported to have escaped from Jogoo Police Station on Tuesday, was said to have had access to a phone while locked up inside the cell, contrary to the regulations governing the use of gadgets in custody. 

Investigators launched a manhunt for an accomplice they believed was in contact with the fugitive. 

The unidentified individual was further accused of assisting Wanjala to evade a multi-agency unit sent to track and flush him out from his whereabouts. 

However, they raised critical questions on Wanjala’s cryptic message posted on his Facebook page while he was in custody. 

“Hello guys I must Dai (die),” Wanjala posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday, September 1 to the utter surprise of detectives who wondered how a man in custody could access a phone and social media sites.

Three police officers from Jogoo Police Station were apprehended by their colleagues over Wanjala’s escape. 

The trio was accused of aiding and abetting a fugitive.


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