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Wednesday, October 13, 2021 – A student at Alliance Girls High School took her own life just as schools were opening for the second term at their Naivasha home.

The deceased, identified as Serena Nyokabi, had been undergoing treatment and seeing a Psychiatrist and therapist since 2019 for anxiety disorders. 

Unfortunately, she took her own life on 08.10.21 

She left a note detailing how she was trying to get help but many thought she was just seeking attention.

Below is an excerpt from the suicide note.

“Wherever I look… they have come for me and I must go. Now I am no longer needed. They hurt me. They want me to be hurt, be in pain…they have taken away everything I used for my survival. Everything is so foggy. Nothing seems real now. 

Everything is a dream…everything. Nothing stays, everything will fade,” her last note read.

“They have destroyed me. They will destroy everything that is mine. Oh no that shit forget it. 

Just like everyone, they will forget me, after all what am I? 

Nothing at all. I do not know what else to write. I will be over in (a) few seconds, a little pain for greater bliss and eternal oblivion. 

My lifestyle change drastically over the last few months. I stopped sleeping soundly. 

Being jolted away in the cold thread by dream of a life I believed I had left behind long ago. I needed help and they only said that I was doing everything for attention. 

That I did not have the guts to kill myself. Here you go…you look here…I am messed up now. I hold myself responsible for my physical death,” 

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