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Friday, 29 October 2021 -Joy Makena, the 32-year-old woman who was shot in the leg by controversial Senator Anwar Loitiptip at Kanu Grounds in Nanyuki, has for the first time opened up on the incident.

According to Makena, she was trying to stop the Senator from beating his wife Aeedah Bambi, who was crying for help, when the unfortunate incident happened.

 “On that day, were taking our pal home and when we got to where the Senator was, his woman was sitting on the floor. 

“The moment she saw us, she started shouting, ‘please help’. 

“He was holding a mob and he was poking the woman with it. 

“I spoke up and politely told the Senator to solve their differences peacefully instead of beating her,” she said.

However, the Senator did not take the advice kindly.

He ran back to his car and picked his gun.

The woman who was being beaten by the Senator warned Makena and her colleague to run for their dear lives because he was going to pick his gun.

 “The woman he was with shouted at us to run because he was going to get his gun. 

“We ran into Kanu grounds and split. Makena ran to a well-lit area and he shot at her and hit her on the leg,” a man identified as Turro, who was in the company of Makena, said.

“I heard her call out, ‘Turroo, amenishoot mguu,’ and she fell. 

“The second shot missed her narrowly and landed in the tree” he added.

Makena said she was hiding near a tree when the Senator shot her.

“When he shot me I had gotten to a tree. I grabbed the roots and pulled myself to hide from him. He shot twice and the second shot hit the tree and missed me,” she said.

The Senator has sent emissaries to ask Makena whether they can settle the matter out of court.

“The blood that was shed was of an innocent person. 

“It is not good for him to use power and influence to oppress someone. 

“Even if we talk, we have to find a settlement where there is justice,” Turro, who witnessed Makena being shot, said.

Here’s a video of the interview.

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