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Wednesday, October 6, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto’s allies from the Maa community are a worried lot after they were told to boycott the meeting with the DP failure to which their security will be withdrawn.

The leaders led by Narok East Member of Parliament, Lemanken Aramat, said that they are being intimidated for supporting William Ruto’s bottom-up economic model.

“We were told that if we attend this meeting our security will be withdrawn. 

“This kind of politics is outdated,” he said.

Aramat’s sentiments were echoed by his Narok West counterpart, Gabriel Tongoyo, who said that allies of William Ruto are being targeted, adding that as leaders they will not give in to threats meted against them by their detractors.

“They tried to intimidate us in Mt Kenya but we did not accede, therefore do not accept to be intimidated,” he said.

But Mathira MP Rigathi Gacagua told them to remain steadfast, warning them that they risk losing elections if they accept to compromise their principles and give in to intimidation.

 “They have threatened me, arrested and detained me over the weekend, and even frozen my accounts, but I have stood firm,” Gacagua said.

On his part, Ruto told the politicians to hang in there a little longer, saying his bottom-up approach that will transform the country was unstoppable.

“Even the threats, intimidation, and blackmail will not make us retreat in this grand plan to change Kenya for the better,” Ruto said.


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