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Sunday, 10 October 2021 – Two victims of a carjacking incident are fighting for their lives at a hospital in Machakos county after they were forced to drink a stupefying substance at gunpoint, that left them unconscious. 

The two a driver and his turn boy had been carjacked along the southern bypass yesterday morning, as they ferried a consignment of gypsum boards to Kitengela, in a lorry.

According to the driver, he was flagged down by three men who posed as undercover agents along the busy transport corridor.

 The three who were armed with a pistol and had a police pocket phone ordered them to alight from the lorry, KBP 852T, handcuffed them and bungled them into a waiting Toyota RAV4, that was parked by the roadside. 

One of the carjackers left with the lorry while the other two drove the victims towards an unknown location in Gatundu, Kiambu county. Upon arrival, they were ordered out of the vehicle at a secluded location and forced to drink the contents of a bottle written ‘Chrome.’ 

The two teetotalers were forced to hurriedly irrigate their throats with a 250Ml bottle each before they passed out only to wake up at the said facility.

Later, detectives at Langata Police station received a call from the owner of the truck inquiring on the whereabouts of his truck that was supposed to arrive in Kitengela at 6 am.

A contingent of hawk-eyed sleuths was immediately deployed to find the lorry and its crew. Minutes later, they found the cabin abandoned at Langata shopping centre, with the body missing.

 Later in the afternoon, detectives recovered the body of the truck at a garage in Kinoo, where it had been defaced and affixed with a Ugandan plate number. 

It is suspected that the carjackers are part of a larger syndicate that has been getting away with peoples vehicles before altering their registration numbers and selling them to unsuspecting victims across the region. 


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