Sunday, October 24, 2021 – Former Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga has jumped to the defence of renegade lawyer Miguna Miguna, who was exiled to Canada for illegally swearing in former Prime Minister Raila Odinga as the People’s President.

According to Mutunga, Miguna is justified to badmouth people, especially those who forced him into exile.

He stated that Miguna is not a bad person despite his big mouth, and that what he is doing is fighting for his rights.

He went on to say that his case shows the way the state has been violating national and international laws and this has to be stopped.

“Even if Miguna was a bad person which I don’t think he is, he is just fighting for his rights. 

“I hear some people saying he is difficult but that is justifying evil,” said Mutunga.

He noted that there are court orders directing that he uses his national identity card to enter the country, but all that has been ignored by the state.

This comes a few days after he announced that he will be travelling to Canada to accompany Miguna Miguna back to Kenya, next month.

“I have taken this extraordinary step for two fundamental reasons. The first is because of the continued, flagrant and reprehensible defiance of the Government of Kenya, its agencies and senior officials, against the numerous valid court orders in favour of Mr Miguna,” said the former CJ.

“The second reason why I have decided to undertake this journey is to support and defend the independence of our judiciary, its authority, and the people’s confidence in it,” he added.

Miguna had earlier rebuffed efforts by Mutunga to bring him back to Kenya, saying he would rather die in exile than kneel for President Uhuru Kenyatta whom he often refers to as a despot.


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