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Sunday, October 24, 2021 – Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has told Deputy President William Ruto to thank his lucky stars that he is not facing him in the 2022 presidential contest.

Speaking in Mombasa yesterday, Joho stated that he would not engage in a fair fight with Ruto if he was facing him on the ballot in the 2022 presidential elections

Joho explained that he lacks the tolerance that ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga has when it comes to dealing with Ruto.

The Mombasa County boss further explained that he would wash DP Ruto’s dirty linen in public and he wouldn’t feel bad about it.

Joho told Ruto to respect Raila, describing the ODM leader as an honourable man for not stooping too low when the DP lashes out at him. 

“William Ruto is lucky his competitor is Baba. Raila is an honourable man, he speaks with respect but if he was facing me one-on-one, he would regret it. 

“I would not spare him. If he hits out at me, I would hit back,” Joho stated.

He mobilized the Coastal people to vote for Raila in 2022 urging them not to give up since they have backed the ODM leader religiously in the last three elections.

Joho opined that voting for Raila would be a significant moment for the country and would make the presidency dream a reality for any person from all communities in Kenya.

“I realized that we had to put in place mechanisms that will allow any Kenyan from any part of the country to become president if he or she wishes to do so,” Joho stated.

“We should support Raila Odinga for the presidency. 

“In five years’ time, we will be waiting to succeed him,” he added.


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