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Friday, October 22, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto is finding it rough selling his bottom-up economic approach across the country.

This is after President Uhuru Kenyatta cleverly dismantled the bottom-up economic model that the DP has pinned his hopes on to clinch the 2022 presidency during his Mashujaa Day speech.

According to political analyst Herman Manyora, Uhuru cleverly dismantled, abolished and cleansed up DP Ruto’s bottom-up economic model in his Mashujaa Day speech.

He noted that Uhuru’s speech indicated that the government can do it and has done it better in terms of empowering common mwanachi that Ruto is so much obsessed with.

“Uhuru’s speech actually dismantled, abolished and cleansed and threw out of the window the bottom-up thing.”

“How! The bottom-up approach is given by William Samoei Ruto is talking about resources to the people, enabling the Mama Mboga, boda boda man, the people down there.”

“But what the president did was to give a structured approach to how resources can reach down there as Ruto was busy sloganeering about the bottom-up.”

“The president was showing you how the government can and indeed it has in the past,” revealed Herman Manyora.

DP Ruto has defended his bottom-up approach, saying is it is noble and about helping others.

He says the initiative is focused on liberating hustler enterprises from Shylock-credit exploitation and unfair regulations and empowering resources.


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  1. Every one has the right to choose who or she wants to become even though we have jealous back minded individuals who feel they can control everything only time is the master of others to climb above them if you got your wealth with honest why a you afraid and using others to protect your wealth,even history tells us there were kings,queens,prince and princess they came,went,raised and fall so the question is what if the Deputy becomes the president what will you do about it? This stupidity of few rich Kenyans individuals seating around table in useless hotels eating junk foods deciding who will become president or not it’s bullshit change must come if you like it or not one way or another and the biggest fear this corrupt thugs with pot bellies puppets living luxurious life and there families think this world belongs to them they fail to understand its only imagination, when the people decide Even if you have the mighty army and weapons my friends there is nothing you can do about it, the era of dynasties is becoming to end very soon it’s only a matter of time,Dp ruto is not Doomed they dynasties are doomed and afraid.

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