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Wednesday, October 13, 2021 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s youngest daughter, Winnie Odinga, has revealed the day she will get married.

Winnie, who is now turning to be a senior spinster, has always been accompanying her father, who is vying for Presidency in 2022.

Addressing Mt Kenya region Youths during their meeting with her father at the University of Nairobi on Tuesday, Winnie, 31, revealed that she will get married in 2022 at Statehouse after her father becomes the fifth President of Kenya.

She went ahead and urged all the youths to register as voters so that they can witness her Statehouse wedding.

“Tell them that I said, Winnie Odinga will get married in 2022, on the lawns of State House, And you are all invited, so if you want that to happen, go register to vote”, Winnie said.

This is bad news to Deputy President William Ruto and his Tangatanga army since Winnie is very confident that her father will win the 2022 presidential duel.


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