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Thursday, October 21, 2021 – A woman only identified as Munira Munira has narrated what happened on the fateful night that Eddie Ndichu and his twin brother, Paul, caused a fracas at Ole Sereni Hotel.

Munira, who is related to a prominent city lawyer, said she was in the company of the Ndichu brothers at the hotel’s rooftop lounge when lawyer Philip Murgor’s nieces Stephanie and Cheryl approached them and greeted them.

However, Stephanie kept reminding Eddie that he was married to Janet Mbugua, something that pissed him.

A scuffle then ensued but security escorted Murgor’s nieces to the lobby from where Munira claims that they attacked her again.

“We get to the lobby and we’re talking to the receptionist and the next thing we know, a lady is running into the lobby screaming, cursing us out and taking off her shoes asking to fight the person who pissed her sister off. 

“A security guard was, however, restraining her” she said. 

“That’s when I jumped in and told her again to respect people and to mind her business. 

“She tried to kick me and one of the twins held me back to protect me from her, but one of the men from her side came in and hit me. That is when the twins jumped in and chased him down to the car,” she added.

Munira said Ndichu twins did not attack Murgor’s nieces.

They were reportedly trying to stop a fight between her and the two sisters.

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