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Tuesday, October 19, 2021 – Eddie Ndichu has stepped down as a Board Member of the Association of Fintechs in Kenya (AFIK), following his latest publicized scuffle at Ole Sereni Hotel.

AFIK chairman Ali Hussein released a statement condemning Ndichu’s violent acts and said that the board doesn’t condone gender-based violence.

He stepped down after a special meeting was convened by other board members to discuss his conduct.

 “On the 19th of October, the Board convened a special meeting during which Mr Ndichu stepped down as a board member pending formal investigations into the matter,” the statement reads.

Below is the statement issued by the Board chairman.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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  1. Thanks to technology this days and the assistants of hotel management for protecting the two innocent women and protective boyfriend from being assaulted by cruel Geek twins Eddie and his brother Paul, it’s disturbing seen and scary this days Putting up with an abusive person is like living with a pig in a pigsty and pretending not to care about the smell,this twin clowns are like ticking boom waiting to explode,it’s time for ladies who are single or not out there to stay away from this two Geeks and men who love there girlfriends or wives it’s better you walk away with your partner before you become the next victim but who knows in future the two clowns my attack a wrong persons and it can be worst nightmare for them than they can imagine,this days many abuse are never mentioned in the news or social media but thanks to social media for exposing clown twins like Eddie and his brother Paul and who knows you can be the next victim.

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