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Saturday, October 9, 2021 – Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho has revealed plans by a section of Mt Kenya leaders to disrupt the Madaraka Day celebrations in Kirinyaga.

Speaking in Kirinyaga on Friday, Kibicho disclosed that they had received intelligence that some political leaders from the region who are allied to Deputy President William Ruto were planning to hire goons to cause chaos at the National celebrations that will be led by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He alleged that the Ruto-allied politicians were planning to ferry the goons from Embu, Murang’a and Nyeri counties.

However, he warned leaders that any acts of misconduct at the Madaraka Day celebrations, which will be held at the Wanguru stadium, will not be tolerated.

“I have received intelligence reports that there are people who are planning to ruin Kirinyaga from Nyeri, Murang’a and Embu and we are saying we will not allow this. 

“As a government, we will not take this lightly,” he stated.

Kibicho advised those opposed to Uhuru just to keep off the celebrations if their sole purpose is to disrupt a rather peaceful national celebration, otherwise, there would be trouble if they dare disrupt the function.


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  1. Kibicho my friend Kenyans know what is wrong and what is right we know your just a puppet for Kenyatta family and uhuru is not a fool he knows what is doing, stop being a stupid clown and the end of the day you get your bullshit share or a cake as a government officer,the government and uhuru family already panicked the moment the truth about pandora papers, you see my friend you can have defense forces and air-force but you forget how many people who are out side there dreaming to have a better place and have a grate family plus jobs take an example how may children are born after 18 years join college and universities you think they are stupid they want to start a family and have a better life, nyinyi wacheni mchezo, uhuru family plus relatives are in the government plus media working in every corner you think Kenyan people are stupid how many scandals uhuru family has generated as we combine with the family and relatives are it’s be careful and think outside the box.

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