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Monday, October 25, 2021 – Kenyans on social media are calling for the arrest of a woman identified as Grace Aketch, who is a Paralegal Officer at the United States Agency for International Development(USAID) Kenya after she was caught on tape assaulting a househelp.

According to a video doing rounds on social media, Grace is seen hitting the househelp with a blunt machete and threatening that she will slash her.

She brags that she is untouchable and well-connected.

A concerned Kenyan posted the videos on social media and narrated what led to the scuffle.

A statement posted by the concerned Kenyan on Facebook reads, “We have been sent this video by a concerned employer. 

“Her house girl had put clothes to dry on their balcony as they are on the first floor. 

“So they hanged their clothes as usual and there is a pipe on the balcony that drains the water from there. 

The neighbour in black says they cannot as the water that drips will make her bedroom smell. 

“Anyway she waylaid the DM when she went to take garbage and jumped on her , and slapped her and told her she’s well connected and she will report them for insulting her. 

“While the DM was leaving she slashed her hand. Luckily Jael was at the balcony and was able to take the videos.

They rushed her to hospital, meanwhile, the lady is making calls and threatening them with dreadful consequences. 

“They went to report to the police at Mambo Leo Police , kumbe the perpetrator Grace Aketch had gone earlier and reported the DM and her employer for abuse and trespassing on her compound.

Now where they’re supposed to get the P3 signed in Russia Hospital (JOOTRH), they’ve been made to understand that the perpetrator is the Head of GBV. 

“They’re feeling rather unsafe and don’t know what to do as P3 are only signed on Tuesdays 2 pm apparently.

Berine Achieng the aggrieved victim and her employer Jael are scared that they will not get justice.

We are looking for justice for Bernie, someone supposed to protect the vulnerable using her position to oppress begs the question, where do we run to?

Share widely let’s see if this will get the appropriate authorities to act.

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