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Friday, 08 October 2021 – Nelius Mukami, the wife of vocal UDA politician, Isaac Mwaura, is battling depression.

Speaking through her social media pages, the mother of two revealed how she is always feeling low and sad.

“My name is Nelius Mukami and depression is the most expensive thing I own. 

“Living with depression, anxiety and ADHD is one of the hardest things I have had to do in my life. 

“It has taken a lot from me. It takes so much effort to fight it. Even in my happiest days, I always find myself crying and sad. 

“In some days, I don’t have strength to wake up in the morning and be functional. 

“It is difficult to explain these emotions,” she posted on her social media pages.

She further said that at times, she feels broken and unworthy.

Depression has messed up her experiences, memories and her relationship with people.

“Depression continues to rob me of experiences, memories and people. 

“I try not to allow it not to overcome me, but it still finds a way in. Coupled with pain and trauma. I find myself feeling broken and unworthy. 

“I have lost so many parts of myself. Sometimes I stare in the mirror and I cannot recognise who I am anymore,” she said.

She also revealed she struggles taking photos and sharing them in public.

“I have big dreams and big plans and great ambitions, but I am always hesitant to publish an article, post a YouTube video or even a simple photo. 

“There are those inside voices that tell me I am not good enough. I do not feel worthy of the compliments that I receive or the achievements I have attained. 

“It has taken a lot of strength and courage just to write and share this post,” she added.

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