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Thursday, October 7, 2021 – Kapsaret MP, Oscar Sudi, caused a commotion yesterday on social media with a wild claim that the deep state was planning to demolish Deputy President William Ruto’s Weston Hotel, which stands on grabbed public land, anytime.

In a viral tweet, Sudi claimed that plans to begin the demolition of the hotel on the night of Wednesday were already in high gear.

To prove his claims, the MP accompanied his tweets with photos of a bulldozer bundled onto a carrier car suggesting that the demolition was primed to start in a short while.

“The Deep State are indeed cornered. They have today decided to express their fury by demolishing Weston Hotel,” read Sudi’s statement in part.

But speaking on the issue, a police officer attached to Lang’ata Police Station under whose jurisdiction the hotel stands, noted that he was not aware of the demolition plans.

A correspondent based in Lang’ata and who had shown up to cover the alleged demolition exercise, also revealed that the claims were not true.

After Sudi’s tweet, Kenyans quickly revealed that the bulldozer in question was parked along Lang’ata Road, just a few meters from Weston Hotel.

“Some intelligence news brains and calculations, demolishing Weston Hotel is direct campaigns to Ruto and Hustler Nation,” stated Abdiaziz Abdullahi.

In July 2021, Ruto lodged a fresh legal application seeking to halt the demolition of the hotel which was found to have been irregularly built on public land. 


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