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Friday, October 8, 2021 – Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua has blasted Kikuyu billionaires, under the banner of Mount Kenya Foundation, over their recent meetings with Opposition presidential hopefuls.

Speaking during an interview, Rigathi called out the group comprised of veteran political leaders and influential business individuals for allegedly neglecting the Mt. Kenya people at their time of need.

Justifying his move to bash MFK, the outspoken lawmaker pointed out some of the problems experienced by the region’s population, especially during the pandemic period.

He decried the recent issue of Laikipia skirmishes, noting that the Mt. Kenya tycoons have remained numb.

The William Ruto-allied MP went further to pinpoint the issues of eviction during the pandemic and seizing and torching of billions of properties owned by Mt Kenya business people which the foundation failed to intervene or even address.

“The people of Mt. Kenya have had serious challenges and these people were not there.”

“We have had our goods that were seized and torched in broad daylight and the Mt Kenya Foundation never condemned or even intervened.”

“We have had the issue of demolitions in the middle of a pandemic, the Mt Kenya Foundation never met to discuss that one,” he stated.

“We have had very serious skirmishes in Laikipia where a lot of people were displaced, the Mt Kenya Foundation never met to discuss interventions.”

“When the real issues concerning Mt Kenya needed intervention, they were not available. Now they are available to meet presidential aspirants to discuss their wealth.”

However, he noted that they are free to continue meeting presidential aspirants but they should not purport to speak on behalf of the Mt. Kenya region.


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  1. For the information of all kenyan citizens – those are mt kenya thieves and bot billionaires.

    Why don’t this thieves come fraudster build their state house at the tip of mt kenya.

    Why should these uji wonna be president meet these thieves and robber of our taxes and debts since 1963 to date. They’ve been president three time and all they do is to loot – their loots don’t need any protection as they meet these presidential zombies pewered with skulls full of uji mix.

    As the citizen of the country of kenya, let’s all avoid electing anybody supported by the vampire fraudster and these clown natural born thieves.

    All other natives of the republic of kenya, let’s all unite and vote one that is not supported by this thieves for the next 1000 year before CHRIST come back at the time of rupture – majority of this thieves will end up in abyss.

    For three regimes they’ve stolen the elections -The republic of Kenya is still a third world – it’s true these fraudster are kumbafu sana.

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