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In The Year 2021, Everyone Who Purchased and Held Bitcoin Is Still Much Wealthier Than You

Those who have already decided that the bitcoin benchmark is the best fiscal stimulus should not be concerned by recent declines in nominal fiat value, which can only be a positive development. Because fiat wealth, as defined in my blog entry, “If You Don’t Buy Bitcoin, You Can’t Be Rich,” can only be relied upon to the extent that its issuance and issuing bank are reliable, and both have proven to be unreliable in every single instance of fiat’s existence, most notably the United States Dollar. But before we move ahead in our article, register yourself on the Crypto Trader and learn more about the safest ways to trade and earn in the bitcoin currency.

As a result, the only genuinely wealthy individuals on the planet are those who amass and retain bitcoin, the world’s sole irreversible money. So, anybody who has collected bitcoin and has kept onto that bitcoin in 2021 is still much wealthier than those who have not done so. The caveat here is the act of holding; selling bitcoin may undoubtedly teach one a valuable lesson in terms of fiat currency holdings.

Never sell your bitcoin; however, it should be a lesson that may be learned quickly from the real experience of losing money. Riches, particularly those secured by bitcoin — not in terms of actual wealth, but terms of independence and freedom — are long-term investments that need patience and perseverance. The act of holding is the only way to protect oneself from the volatility indicated by bitcoin’s monetization from zero, which is presently taking place.

As a result, although the extremes of bitcoin may be unsettling under normal circumstances, if they are seen as chances to acquire the scarcest digital money currently in existence at a bargain, the mood can shift. Furthermore, if one uses Satoshi’s as a measure of how much value they have, Holder’s will always be growing wealthier, even if they are not actively mining.

It Is Impossible to Get Wealthy If You Do Not Invest in Bitcoin

Without a doubt, the title of this essay will make fiat millionaires laugh out loud. Living in homes built on the shaky underpinnings of debt, consumerism, and the physical world of fiat-rich individuals seems to be a wonderful lifestyle. Certainly, the great empires of Rome, Venice, and Constantinople were home to many wealthy individuals who could indulge in the many splendors of riches. Indeed, turkeys have happy lives – at least until Thanksgiving.

If we imagined the fiat ice cube melting, it would be prudent to examine that the water will feel chilly until the ice cube is completely dissolved. Only after this ice has been melted does the water left behind quickly warm compared to the surrounding temperature of the space in which it is contained. Because these markets are essentially based on the monetary system that bitcoin is attempting to reform, they are fraught with risk and uncertainty.

To keep the stock market afloat, the Federal Reserve must maintain interest rates that are low enough and a credit market that is liquid enough to allow it to achieve all-time highs continually. The present market circumstances would quickly deteriorate if this infusion of money from a third party were not made. For many people, the gap between poverty and luxury is represented by the FANG stocks, which bear the burden of keeping America “wealthy.”

According to my definition, Rich is the freedom and capacity to accomplish anything one wants, made possible by one’s financial resources. I’m willing to bet that if they only looked down at the changing sands under their fortress, they’d instantly lose their sense of independence and ability.

One cannot have independence when a stock market cycle that is always on the horizon is in progress. Americans have been compelled to accept programmed recessions in the economy, despite the severe consequences these busts and booms have had on their lives. Despite the last market collapse in 2008, individuals continue to seek real estate as a means of preserving their financial assets. Investing in real estate as a store of value at this time is analogous to leaping off the end of an elevator shaft and plummeting to the ground. The same crash and burn that all money is bound to suffer will still befall you, although with the additional cushioning afforded by your 12-inch vertical.

The only way to be certain of being wealthy, to ensure one’s independence and capacity to do as one pleases, is to use an unchangeable, uncontrolled computer program as the foundation of one’s wealth and financial security. Only by relying on the decentralized structure of the Bitcoin network can one feel confident in preserving their financial assets. To place one’s whole net worth in the hands of the sole financial settlement system that is incapable of injecting liquidity, one must be very wealthy.

When it comes to inflationary monetary policy, it makes wealthy people happy, but only in the same way that drinking alcohol makes a college student who has a paper due the next day happy. Because bitcoin’s deflationary monetary strategy is the safest, most secure, and most intelligent option for investors to remain in and continue their research. In the aftermath of a hangover, affluent Americans will come to understand that they made a mistake by rejecting this route toward stability.

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