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Saturday, October 23, 2021 – Exiled lawyer, Miguna Miguna, has rejected efforts by former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga to bring him back to Kenya.

This follows numerous calls by a section of Kenyans asking him to tone down his call for justice as he seeks to return to the country.

Venting on his Twitter Account, Miguna said if humbling himself means yielding to impunity and injustice, then he rejects it.

Miguna went on to say that if it also means accepting to be called a foreigner in a country he was born in, then he will not do it.

“If humbling myself means surrendering to impunity and injustice, I REJECT it. 

“If it means cowering in fear at the sight of despots, I DEFY it. 

“If it means accepting to be branded a foreigner in my own country of birth when I am not, I will RESIST it FOREVER,” said the lawyer.

His post came hours after he said that he does not need any favour from President Uhuru Kenyatta to return to the country.

Miguna insisted that obeying court orders and respecting his rights as a Kenyan citizen are the duties of the president and he must adhere to them.

“NO. I don’t want a favour from despot Uhuru Kenyatta, or from anyone else. OBEYING court Orders, RESPECTING my rights, and UPHOLDING the Constitution are DUTIES. 

“OBLIGATIONS the Despot and everyone must adhere to. Returning to my home and country of birth is NOT A FAVOUR,” he said in a tweet.

Mutunga is set to travel to Canada and accompany Miguna back into the country.


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