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Saturday, 30 October 2021 – Comedian Eddie Butita has referred to Andrew Kibe as an award-winning international drunkard after he recently attacked him and called him a useless comedian.

Butita bragged that he is far much ahead of Andrew Kibe after signing multimillion deals recently.

“Popular Village Comedian Andrew Kibe attacked successful comedian Eddie Butita who has been signing multimillion deals recently. Andrew Kibe who is an international award winning drunkard has shocked many for maintaining his chang’aa behaviours status despite not accessing the illicit brew in the United States,” Butita stated.

He further said that he was willing to take Andrew Kibe to a rehabilitation centre and called him a former radio noisemaker.

Andrew Kibe has been attacking top Kenyan celebrities through his daily Instagram live sessions.

Last month, Kibe attacked Jalang’o after he offered to help the mitumba man from Kisumu.

 He criticized Jalang’o for supporting a man who chose to dress like a woman.

“Jalas wacha ushenzi, whoever is producing the show for you anakutupisha mbaya. 

“Jalas please stop being lambistic… hata kama ni kutafuta watu wanatrend, please stop!” Kibe said in a five-minute long video.

In his response, Jalang’o said that the man had just found a way of hustling by crossdressing.

“Guy just found a way to hustle and put food on his table, did you watch the whole story ama uliona amevaa kaa dame uka press next? Crossdressing for entertainment or marketing is not a new thing!” he said.

“Hata uku US pahali uko billionaire entertainers cross dressed! Tyler Perry, Cedric the entertainer, Martin Lawrence and many more bro are they Lambistic or it’s the hustle!” he added.

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