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Monday, October 11, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto was yesterday forced to interrupt his speech in Isiolo County after he noticed something off in the crowd of his supporters. 

According to sources, one of the supporters who had come to listen to the DP fainted due to the overcrowding and hot weather. 

On noticing the commotion, Ruto paused briefly, while staring at the crowd, before continuing.

However, when he noticed the seriousness of the matter, he stopped his speech and asked people to help one of the residents.

“There are many who… someone get help for that person. Remove his mask,” the DP stated.

He further asked for the man to be moved elsewhere.

“Kindly assist and move the person to somewhere with a shade,” he instructed.

Ruto thanked the people for heeding his call and continued with his speech.

The DP was attending a church service at the St. Eusebius Cathedral, Isiolo Diocese. 

He was presented with a mass book dubbed ‘Misale ya Kila Siku ‘ and a hymn book by the area Bishop.

While reiterating his position on the pulpit not being used for political purposes, he took a swipe at some of his rivals.

Ruto asked the church not to chase away leaders who had begun flocking to the churches.

“All I ask is that for all those who normally do not come to church and have recently started coming to church, please do not chase them away,” he stated.

The DP’s tour of the region comes barely a week after the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party Leader Raila Odinga visited the region.

He also promised that he would continue to deliver on projects that he and President Uhuru Kenyatta began in the region.

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