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Tuesday, October 26, 2021 – Embattled Suna East MP, Junet Mohamed, has refused to apologize to the Kikuyu nation for saying that they will be outsiders in Raila Odinga’s government.

Speaking during an interview, Junet justified his sentiments in Nyamira County, saying they were blown out of context, misinterpreted, misreported and misdirected.

Junet claimed that the Tanga Tanga faction (leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto) was using his sentiments to cause a rift between him and the Mt Kenya people.

“We were in Nyamira for a function in Gusii land. I was basically addressing the local people of Kisii telling them that as people of Nyanza, we have an opportunity to lead the country.”

“I was so shocked when I saw how people can be so desperate especially the Tanga Tanga people who might have a bankruptcy of ideas,” Junet stated.

“I was trying to excite the people, tell them that we need to be together this time so that our numbers can be formidable as Nyanza. I was speaking in Gusii land, not even in Luoland,” he added.

Following Junet’s explanation, some leaders argued that he had justified his sentiments rather than apologise.

“Misreported, misquoted. Junet should simply apologise. 

“Don’t use others to excuse your running mouth exposing your deep held disdain for others,” Kikuyu MP, Kimani Ichungwa, stated.

During the function that had been attended by Health CS Mutahi Kagwe and his Interior counterpart, Fred Matiang’i, Junet stated that Mt Kenya people had enjoyed wielding power for more than 20 years and it was now Nyanza’s turn.

“Baba akishinda, serikali ni yetu watu wa Nyanza. Sitaki iyo watu wa gazeti waskie iyo, Mutahi Kagwe anaeza kasirika (If Raila wins the presidency, the government will be owned by the people of Nyanza. I don’t want the media to hear this, Mutahi Kagwe will be upset),” Junet stated.


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