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Wednesday, 06 October 2021 – Anita Nderu’s husband, Barret Raftery, has penned a sweet message to her, a month after they exchanged vows in an invite-only wedding.

Taking to his Instagram page, Barret said that he is glad to call Anita his wife, adding that she has brought so much joy into his life.

“Anita Nderu being your husband has been such a joy, I find myself glowing most of the time. 

“I catch myself just caught in awe and gratitude on the experience our incredible wedding was. 

“To recall all the love that was around us that day and surrounds us now. 

“How happy and humbled I am to be with you all the time. 

“I can’t believe in a few days we have been married a month and that is just the first month of the rest of our lives. 

“It’s all surreal in the best possible way,” he wrote.

 “Thank you for being such an amazing wife and being the silly and joyful foundation of our family. 

“For making all my relatives and friends fall in love with you too. 

“For the way you lovingly help me along every day on my journey to be better, kinder, to navigate life with compassion and bliss. 

“Our life together is grander, gentler and sweeter than anything I’ve ever known. 

“You are my person and I am yours. Til the wheels fall off,” he added.

Anita and Barret tied the knot last month in a private wedding held in Nanyuki.

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  1. It’s good to find love and be loved but remember one thing white man be careful and stay away from septic tanks before you become the next victim like Cohen found in a septic tank be warned before you become the next victim and your family be the next beneficiary not the typical Kenyan women.

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