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Saturday, September 18, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto’s quick approval of the clerics’ call for a truce between him and President Uhuru Kenyatta has elicited mixed reactions.

According to Social Development Consultant and Political Analyst, Nafula Kisiang’ani, Ruto is being smart and strategic by throwing the ball in the president’s court, even as he tries to look like the ‘adult in the room’ or ‘the big guy’ in the fallout. 

She opined that Ruto was aware he was slowly but surely losing grip on the Mt. Kenya region. 

Out of fear of losing the vote-rich block, Ruto, according to the analyst, has welcomed the truce, hoping it helps him get the president’s blessings. 

“Ruto knows he is nearly sharing Mt Kenya region 50/50 with Raila, who is enjoying the President’s support. 

“The DP thought he would win over Mt Kenya voters without Uhuru.” 

“All Mt Kenya top leaders, including Governors and most Senators have sidelined Ruto. 

“These are the people who have the final say in decision making.”

“The DP is working with underdogs who can be easily replaced in Mt. Kenya.”

“Ruto needs Mt. Kenya, he does not have any other strong voting block other than Rift Valley,” Nafula opined. 

Nonetheless, Kisiang’ani argued that the developments and outcome of the calls for peace between Uhuru and Ruto will depend on the former.

 “Uhuru also knows that Ruto is after Mt Kenya but I will not be shocked if they shake hands. 

“The DP has humbled himself to the point of baiting the president.

“Uhuru still has a say in Mt. Kenya. The region has categorically stated that it is open to negotiating with any team that will agree to their terms.”

“Mt. Kenya wants to be the focal point and they have put both Ruto and Raila in an awkward position where they have to negotiate,” she added.


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