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Wednesday, September 1, 2021 – Interior and Coordination of National Government Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Fred Matiang’i, dismissed complaints that Deputy President William Ruto’s life is in danger following the change of his security detail last week.

Speaking when he appeared before the National Assembly’s Committee on Administration and National Security, Matiang’i assured Kenyans that Ruto is not in danger over the change in his security team.

Matiang’i further clarified that Ruto’s residence in Karen by law is not a State Lodge or a State House and therefore should not have much-enhanced security.

“.. the law is very clear it is his residence…… we in the security sector work to be right in terms of making decisions and not to being popular but right,” he said.

“The law is clear black and blue. There is something that looks politically sensible but when you look at the law they are not. 

“How can you use some of the phrases being used online and so on?”

The law says that it is only the State Lodges and the State House that are supposed to be protected by the GSU.

“Give me a law that equates the residence of the Deputy President to State House or a State Lodge. Give it to me now and I will gazette it tomorrow.”

“The government has sufficient assets and because of the budget, our acquisitions are going up yearly. None of the leaders is in danger and DP is not in danger. I would not like to go through operational issues,” stated Matiang’i.


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