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Friday, 24 September 2021 – Willis Raburu’s ex-wife, Marya Prude, has revealed that she is not attracted to short men.

The 27-year-old fashion stylist was speaking on Hazel Balubisi’s YouTube Channel where invited female guests were answering questions posed to them by the male audience.

“You seem like you are the tallest of this group, what’s normally the problem dating a shorter man?” Marya was asked and she responded by saying that short men are not her cup of tea.

She put it clear that she cannot date a short man, even if he is rich and handsome.

“I am not attracted to a short guy. I don’t care how rich you are or how good-looking you are. 

“I am not attracted. Period! Even I don’t care if you have a private jet or a yard,” she said.

A curious fan also asked Marya whether she is planning to get married again after breaking up with Willis Raburu.

“Do you still wish to get married again?” the fan asked and she responded saying, “I’m not wishing but I’m open to it if the right person comes,”

Marya parted ways with Willis Raburu last year over infidelity.

Hell broke loose when she discovered that he was cheating on her with a lady who happens to be his colleague at Citizen TV.

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  1. Am really sorry about you seek the kingdom of God first say you’re allergic to all men not short men because you’re confused and you don’t know which way to go stop hate speech against short men they were blessed by God creator of heaven and earth before even the giants walked in this earth billion years ago and let me surprise you and try to do some research tall people are most stupid foolish people they don’t think like short people do, even giants were swept out from the face of the earth because ni mbegu mbaya,short people are hard working, look in your surroundings, they build highways and building giant machine, think before you right nonsense in the media in-fact am sure your father is also short, even Goliath was killed by David remember he was short in-fact a boy even God hates tall people.

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