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Friday, September 10, 2021 – Popular singer Wahu has penned down a sweet message to celebrate her marriage anniversary.

Wahu has been married to Nameless for 16 years and they are blessed with two kids.

Taking to her Instagram page, the mellow-voiced singer posted a romantic photo with her husband and confessed that when she got married, she thought her marriage won’t last more than 6 months.

Wahu said the feeling was mutual since Nameless also thought that their marriage would be short-lived.

However, they are still happily married 16 years later.

She described Nameless as her best friend and a good father to their kids.

6 months into our marriage I remember thinking alarrrrr huku nitatoboa kweli? 

And I know for a fact the feeling was mutual (usidanganye!)

But look at us now.

With 16 years later still going strong so much I wish I knew when I was getting married! 

And so much we’ve learnt and continue to learn along the way…all of which is helping us to become better people, better parents, and better partners for each other.

I love you my moody Monski you are my best friend or as Tumi would say.

You’re most definitely my for-lifer. September 10th, 2005 I said “I do” to you..and 16 years on, I still do. Here’s to the rest of our lives.

Happy anniversary babe. I love you Nameless,” she wrote.

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  1. hahaha wahu aseme ukweli, her hubby was smashing Pinky at the same time. the drama we saw on kapiti rd, south b those days was hilarious.

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