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Wednesday, September 15, 2021 – Amani National Congress (ANC) Leader, Musalia Mudavadi, is reportedly a bitter man after it emerged that his top lieutenant is a mole planted by Deputy President William Ruto to spy on him.

According to Nominated Member of Parliament Godfrey Osotsi, Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala is secretly working with Ruto to bring down Mudavadi.

He urged the ANC leader to be cautious of some politicians riding on his popularity, noting that Malala spends the day with Mudavadi and when night comes, he shifts his allegiance to the hustler’s camp.

“They pretend to defend you, they attack Raila Odinga, but in reality, they are not with you.”

“They are with you during the day but when the night comes they shift allegiance to William Ruto,” Osotsi said.

According to the former ANC Secretary-General, the recent push by the Kakamega Senator to have Mudavadi on the ballot for the 2022 presidency is a well-planned scheme aimed at advancing William Ruto’s agenda.

He argues that William Ruto is using Malala to push Mudavadi to vie for the country’s top seat not to win but to destroy the Mulembe votes, which will disadvantage Raila Odinga, who is considered to be William Ruto’s most formidable competitor.

He revealed that Malala knows very well that Mudavadi cannot win the 2022 presidential race but he is pushing him not to support someone else who can easily succeed retiring president Uhuru Kenyatta.

“They know you cannot win but for their own expediency, they have to use you,” Osotsi told Mudavadi.

“You are a leader we respect. You are a leader who can become Kenya’s president. But take time to vet those around you.”

“They claim to help you but they are not. These people are moles working for other people. They sit with you in boardrooms but they are working for other people,” he added.


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