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Monday, September 13, 2021 – Deputy President William Ruto has narrated how God has saved him from the arrows of the enemy due to his belief in Him.

Speaking at a church service at the Global Cathedral Church in Lang’ata yesterday, Ruto described himself as a survivor who had been shielded from many tribulations because of his belief in God. 

He thanked God for transforming him from a hustler to a survivor in a highly charged political environment. 

He noted that a while back while in Mombasa, other people referred to him as either ‘mheshimwa’(honorable) or hustler, but one man referred to him as a survivor.

He noted that the man is the only person who has ever identified him as a survivor until the preacher at the service made reference to his tribulations and the role God had played in uplifting him. 

“Until today I have realised I am a survivor, maybe that gentleman in Mombasa was right and it is true that God had to step in many times for us to be where we are today” the DP highlighted. 

The deputy president also donated Ksh1 million to facilitate the church to buy tents as it seeks to move to its own premises. 

He also noted that the hustler narrative, in the beginning, was thought of as an abusive narrative but at the moment the narrative has created a revolution in the country. 


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