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Recent Kenya News Consumers Should Know About

The Republic of Kenya is a country in Eastern Africa. It is on the coastline of the Indian Ocean. Besides being home to more than 52 million individuals, Kenya also had lions, rhinos, and elephants. The country has gone through major changes in recent years as it attempts to modernize many industries. It is one of the thriving emerging markets so consumers should pay attention to the country. What is going on in the country of Kenya? Readers will learn more about the country’s biggest news stories in the article below.

Kenya’s President Details His United Nations Priorities

The United Nations has become a vital component of modern society. Thanks to the UN, countries can rest assured knowing they won’t be attacked easily. The UN will work together to defend other members. Recently, Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta, gave his pre-recorded speech during the United Nations General Assembly. He argues that multilateral systems much be fair, effective, and inclusive. He will be taking over as president of the United Nations Security Council next month. He intends to partake in several events during his presidency. For instance, he declared that his country is ready to become a leader in the green industry economy.

He claims that certain states were not properly equipped to deal with the fragility that could potentially lead to terrorism and crises. The President urged members to properly manage political and social diversity to minimize the risks. He also detailed his intention to embark on a state-building mission. As President of the United Nations Security Council, Kenya will be an important global player in the years to come.

Kenya Bans Film About Homosexual Lovers

Kenya has been a staunch opponent of homosexual relationships. The evidence was clear earlier this week when Kenyan authorities confirmed the country would ban a documentary focusing on two gay lovers. Authorities said that the film was unacceptable and affront to the identity and culture of the country which is primarily Christian. I Am Samuel is directed by a Kenyan filmmaker. It follows two men in Nairobi. The men are grappling with a homosexual relationship while receiving criticism from the country.

The KFCB or Kenya Film Classification Board argued that the documentary attempted to propagate values that do not align with the country’s cultural values, constitution, and norms. KFCB leader Christopher Wambua claimed that the production was demeaning of Christianity. Across Africa, it is common for homosexuals to experience discrimination. In some cases, they face persecution. Recent attempts to overturn homosexuality bans dating back to British rule have been unsuccessful.

Readers can bet at any casinó that the decision will promote outrage from LGTB leaders in western countries.

Netflix In Kenya

Streaming giant Netflix has worked diligently to expand globally. However, it has struggled to gain footing in Kenya. The company will attempt to change that when it begins offering a free plan in the country. Earlier this week, it was announced that Netflix would begin offering a free mobile plan in Kenya. The plan will include a quarter of its movies and television shows. Furthermore, it will be available on Android devices and will not include advertisements. The plan will include Netflix’s biggest titles including Blood & Water, Money Heist, and Bridgerton. The company hopes the plan will convince Kenyan residents to sign up for paid plans to access more content. A spokesperson for the company ensured that its non-paying subscribers would not be counted in the paid total. Nevertheless, this is one of the many ways Netflix is trying to capture a bigger share of the global streaming market.

Reopening India Borders

Online fogadás is growing in popularity with individuals locked in their homes due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Recent news could send consumers back to conventional establishments. Days ago, the Kenya Tourism Board confirmed it would reopen its borders to Indian travelers. The passage was previously closed due to the 2nd wave of the coronavirus. The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority or KCAA confirmed flights from Indian can resume. Thankfully, the COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to wane, and life is returning to normal for people around the world. The announcement confirms that Kenya and Indian are two of the countries that will return to normal much sooner. It is a step in the right direction for both.

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