Wednesday, 29 September 2021 – Prominent Nairobi tycoon, Madatali Chartur, is in trouble for allegedly assaulting and attempting to rape a lady at a posh city hotel.

According to a police statement, the victim, who is identified as Rebecca Wairimu, claimed that the tycoon approached her through his bodyguard on September 18 at around 10 pm in a high-end city club, where she was out with friends.

The skirt-chasing businessman sent his bodyguard who asked them to join him, to which they agreed.

After a few drinks, he suggested that they should move to another club.

He then made a phone call to reserve a table for five.

Instead of taking them to the club as earlier suggested, he drove to the posh Concord hotel in Parklands, which he owns.

When Wairimu and her friends questioned why they were taken there, Chartur called hotel bouncers and accused them of causing a disturbance.

The bouncers then reported them to the police for creating a disturbance.

They were arrested and taken to Parklands Police Station.

Wairimu reported the tycoon to FIDA Kenya after the incident and accused him of assault and attempted rape.

FIDA Kenya is helping her to pursue the case.

“Our client alleges that on September 18, 2021, together with their friends, there was an assault and an attempt to rape occasioned to her within Nairobi area,” a letter written by FIDA Kenya to the Parklands Police Station reads.

The victim was issued with OB number 44/18/09/ 2021 and investigations were launched.

Madatali Chartur is a controversial tycoon with vast interests in real estate, hotels and also holds a substantial stake at ABC Bank (Kenya).

Some of the famous buildings that he owns in Nairobi include, Ngara Shopping Complex, Simba Centre in River Road, and Muthaiga Shopping Mall.

He also owns the Concord Hotel and Suites, Mara Concord, Shelly Beach Resort, and the Cloud Hotel.

See his photos below.

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