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Monday, 27 September 2021 – A lady has written to gender activist, Njeri Wa Mwigi, and exposed the son of Senate Majority Leader Samuel Poghisio for assaulting her.

Poghisio’s son, Steven, assaulted the said lady after she turned down his advances in one of the popular clubs in Nairobi.

Here’s what the renowned activist posted on her Facebook page.


It was last Friday, it was past curfew and me my 3 male friends and one female friend were looking for something to do as we had just arrived in Nairobi and were excited to experience Nairobi nightlife. My male friend said he knew somebody (Steven poghisio) who could come and collect us because he had diplomatic plates so could travel past curfew. We waited around 3 hours before he turned up with his security and a friend of his. He was already highly intoxicated and what appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

He told me and my other female friend that we looked good and we politely said thankyou…because well we looked good but I must add that we were not dressed inappropriately or provocatively (although even if we were, I would still not have deserved what was to come). At that point I felt no cause for concern as although he was Intoxicated, he was more focused on catching up with our mutual male friend and all seemed light and cheerful, in fact he was acting like a gentleman. 

He was excited to see his friend. Steven and his mutual friend then went in a separate car while me my female friend and the 2 other male friends took a different car. We were told we were being taken to onyx club and were quite excited about the night as we had not been clubbing for a while. We arrived at the club, he gets a table and orders drinks. I was sitting in between my friends as he continued to catch up with our mutual friend.

 His attention then turned to me again commenting on my looks, then suddenly becoming very aggressive calling me “mother********” one minute, then insisting I sit next to him the next, showing off his wealth and status saying that he could take care of me. I told him I was able to take care of myself as I make quite a good income and am also the daughter of someone with status. This made him insist we get married but then flipped again insulted me out of nowhere then back to asking me to marry him and saying he was in love with me. My friends and I became very uncomfortable because of his erratic behavior and as we could not leave the club (because of curfew),after having received a warning from his close personal friend that he could be an unstable man and a “bit of a wild card” and hearing that steven’s own friend was concerned for me, I insisted to my friends that we go dance to get away from him. 

The night went well from then, our mutual friend remained with him while the rest of us went to the main dance floor had fun and remained there for a few hours. We then returned to the VIP area where Steven was and a few other people. He was passed out, and we all sat down and ate some food were all conversing with each other when he suddenly woke up in a fit of rage screaming“you mother***** you don’t know what love is, get out of my club” he then backhanded slap me across the head on my ear drum, kicked me in the ribs then went to punch me before he was held back and I was ushered out of the VIP area by my friends who were helpless because he had security. We had no choice but to wait in a different part of the club for 30 minutes before 4am when we could get an Uber home. 

I was in a state of shock and running on adrenaline and all I could hear was an unbearable ringing in my ear and head. I kept it together as my male friends wanted to hit him and I pretended to be fine because I knew something bad would happen to them too. When we got back to our Airbnb the ringing in my ear became so unbearable, and the pain in my head was like a migraine, I could barely keep my eyes open and I began to throw up and wretch non stop.

 I did not know where I was and kept saying “we need to go to Nairobi tomorrow” my friends then realized I had a concussion so they rang an ambulance.I have tinnitus, a concussion and a fractured rib because of the tantrum of a spoiled boy with too much power who clearly could not handle rejection and was taking out issues that probably had something to do with a previous relationship because of his constant references to love and me not being able to love him despite never having met him. 

In total, I must have spent 20 minutes of my life around this man. I still suffer from the ringing in my ears and my ribs hurt so much I could not catch my flight to Europe for work. I still cannot remember certain words and have moments of emotional outbursts, depression, and anxiety.

He’s the son of a senior politician.

Photo of the victim.

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